Monday, October 14, 2013

Filling in the Holes...

I'm in the middle of my 2nd draft of Fairy Girl, a middle grade novel, and finding lots of holes. While walking with my friend, Kim Fusco, we talk about writing. What's working, what we're struggling with, etc. She likens revising to filling in the holes. I like that. I sometimes feel like I'm filling in huge potholes or shoveling dirt into a crater. But she confirmed to me how I was feeling. After writing the first draft and working on the next, discovering holes in the story is common. What happened to that story line? Did the mom disappear? Where is Wilbur, the cat? Why did I include that scene?

Walking and talking has become part of my writing process. I often walk with my dog, Hannah. If I'm having trouble with a plot line or unclear about a character, almost always, the answer comes while I'm taking in the fresh air and the scenic views around me. There's something therapeutic about walking. Talking works just as well. I talk to my sisters or my writer friends. My mom, too. They help me by asking questions. What if Gracie gets caught riding her bike? What is Hen's role in the story? Where did she go?

So, while you're working on revising, remember it's about making discoveries and filling in the holes.


  1. I love this, Laurie. I agree that revising is very much like filling in holes. Fresh air is good, too!

  2. I am very inspired by our walks, Laurie, and I'm glad that you are, too. I'm always amazed how much stories change from draft to draft as I fill in the holes. By the way, isn't it time we planned another walk?

  3. I love contemplating plot and conflict holes, building characters, considering new and exciting settings, and all the various elements to writing, while walking along in the fresh air.
    Great post!