Saturday, March 3, 2012

Smith Family Writers

It's fun to come from a family of writers. We share our work and we listen to each other. We talk about what we're working on, what we should be working on, and what we hope to be working on. Writing is hard work, no matter the genre. My siblings and parents and I all write in different genres but we all share a love for language. Writing is challenging and rewarding and compelling. I write for children (middle grade), my older sister, Robin, is a poet and also writes for teens, my younger sister, Cindy, writes romance suspense and mysteries, my brother, Dell, writes adult fiction, my mom has written magazine stories and romance novels, my dad wrote poems, humorous stories, journals, and cartoons. I think growing up around books and writing greatly influenced us kids. Can you tell? We call ourselves the Smith Family Writers and often send each other articles of interest. We give each other books for Christmas and birthdays. If not, gift cards to buy them.

We've always talked about who would be the first to publish a book. And now we know. Robin has had a book of poetry accepted by WordTech Communications LLC, Word Press imprint. It will be making its debut in December 2013. Go, Robin! You will be sure that we will have a huge launch party to celebrate her writing and her new book, Dream of the Antique Dealer's Daughter.


  1. Congratulations to Robin! We will definitely have a party. :)
    Great post, Laurie. Thank you for sharing about the Smith Family Writers.

  2. We will definitely celebrate Robin's book with a party!! Can't wait!
    Thanks for stopping by, Cindy!

  3. Yeah, Robin!!! And yeah, LAurie--it's only a metter of time for you. ;-) I like this piece about your siblings. You're a lucky lady!

  4. Thanks, Lynda! It's only a matter of weeks until your book comes out! Can't wait for your release party!